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Store front of Pax Romana Gallery, London. Dealer of Ancient Antiquities.

Who are we?

Founded by Dr. Ivan Bonchev in 2010, Pax Romana encompasses all aspects of collecting and appreciating ancient art, antiquities and coins. Alongside Pax Romana Auctions, we also trade through Pax Romana Gallery and Ancient Interior, meaning our brand reaches a wide range of audiences. Indeed, in its 10 short years Pax Romana has grown considerably, with a 20,000 strong client database we’re internationally recognised, with clients from over 70 countries.

Pax Romana’s main gallery is based in Bloomsbury, Central London, just opposite the British Museum – arguably the heart of Ancient Art in the UK. Therefore, Pax Romana and its team of experts fit excellently into their surroundings. We love what we do, and our business model is diverse, with our focal point being the acquisition, authentication and sale of Ancient and Asian Art and Numismatics.

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How do our Auctions Work?

Our auctions are very important to us and represent a long-held tradition in the antiquities trade. We hold our own monthly auctions right here on Pax Romana Auctions that you can register for and bid live in, with the catalogue being released weeks before for you to browse. You do not have to wait for these auctions however, as we’re always holding weekly auctions over on our partner, Catawiki’s, platform.

Image of the Director, Dr Ivan Bonchev. Dealer of Ancient Antiquities, London.

What Makes us Different?

Compared to our competitors, Pax Romana is a relatively new business in the world of Ancient Art. However, we don’t see this as a downside but as one of our biggest strengths. We still have the world class experts and a large bank of knowledge, but we also have the confidence to pursue a non-traditional business model for this field. Providing both goods and services, we do not specialise in just one area of the antiquities trade like many of the more old-fashioned dealers of art. Our policy is that we acquire any potentially profitable collection or art object to then be offered either online or through our auctions. This means what we sell appeals to a large range of customers, from those who are well established collectors to those who want to acquire ancient antiquities for their home.

← Our Director, Dr Ivan Bonchev


Why Pax Romana?

Simply put, Pax Romana is the golden age of the Roman Empire and represents ancient wealth and prosperity. Throughout the Empire and beyond its borders incredible works of art were being commissioned, some that were practical as well as those whose purpose was for their beauty alone. We believe that the history of these items needs to be shared, as appreciating art and telling stories is in our very nature. Therefore, we pride ourselves in the fact that our art can be easily purchased online and that we are as much a learning resource as we are an outlet.

Our catalogues are well curated, with the items well picked and preserved. When the client purchases from us they are provided with the best information on how to store, display and eventually sell their historical art. We take care of all the logistics and make the process enjoyable and informative. There’s a wide range of reasons for purchasing ancient antiquities, whether it’s for collecting, investments, interior design or something else! Whatever your reason for engaging in this art, we’ll support you so you can learn and appreciate fully what it is you’re buying into.

Learn more about the Pax Romana we’re named after here!

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