Ancient Coins

All over the world people are intrigued by the coins of the past. They tell stories and help us piece together the politics, empires and communities of times past. Where they were minted, what they were made from, what they depict; these are all important parts of the narrative. Explore here the sorts of coins we sell…


Roman Coins

Some of the most keenly sort after ancient coins are those from Ancient Rome. Whether you want to collect all the emperors or marvel at the organisation of this ancient empire. To the left you see an image that shows the coins of the ‘Five Good Emperors.’

See the Roman coins we currently have for sale


Greek Coins

One of the first peoples on the mediterranean to use a diverse mix of coins in their everyday are the Ancient Greeks. Individual islands and cities minted coins of gods, goddess, local landmarks, important people and symbolic figures. To the right, our head of Customer Service shows off a coin that came from what you may call the heart of Ancient Greece – Athens.

See the Ancient Greek coins we currently have for sale.

Byzantine Coins

Some of the most recent coins we sell, these incredible relics are still around 1000 years old. They tell the story of a young and thriving Christian empire. They show the emperor and his wife on their coins along with Christian depictions and other more local symbols.

See the Byzantine Coins we currently have for sale here.

Collaboration with Themis Numismatics

We hold our own coin auctions and will soon be selling coins through our gallery website. However, as part of our desire to work with experts and individuals from across the world we’ve partnered up with Themis Numismatics to co-host some sales.

For example, our next coin sale will be held with them.

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