Ancient Jewellery

Whether you love it for the sparkle and shine, or for the fascinating stories each piece can tell there’s so many reasons to collect Ancient Jewellery. Even if you aren’t a large scale collector, the joy of owning and then wearing ancient jewellery cannot be paralleled.


Perhaps some of the most stunning pieces from the Ancient past, rings were worn by many different cultures. Made from gold, silver or bronze these items reflect those worn by the very rich to the everyday person. Pieces range from Roman Cameos in Gold settings, to Silver Viking rings with stones and delicately shaped Byzantine religious rings.

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Necklaces and Pendants from the Ancient Past are a great way of keeping history close to your heart. These pieces range from those made out of ancient beads to gold pendants with the original chain.

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Most commonly found in Celtic and Northern European cultures, bracelets and torcs were signs of cultural and familial affiliation. They could be status symbols and reveal marital statues.

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You might not think about earrings as having ancient roots. However, many ancient cultures – notably the Romans and Byzantium – highly praised earrings and they were worn by all members of society.

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