Ancient Weaponry

Collecting the relics from Ancient Warfare has long fascinated many individuals throughout the world. Here at Pax Romana we are often selling incredible pieces of Ancient Art, from spear heads to daggers, axes to full helmets. There’s truly something for every collector.


These are perhaps some of the most stunning pieces of the Ancient Weaponry we sell. Whether they were used in battle or for parade or even if they were made for a statue, they have a fascinating story to tell.

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Whether from the Crusades or Ancient Rome, there’s something magnificent to be said about holding the sword of an ancient warrior in your hands! Kept aside for just the best and wealthiest soldiers, they’re something special.

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Famously used by the Vikings, axes were used throughout history for battle but also everyday life. They come in a large manner of shapes and sizes, which tell you not only their origins but also their purpose.

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Of course, the Ancient Weaponry available is not limited to these categories. There are other pieces such as Byzantine Fire Grenades, Roman Spear Heads and Bronze Age Maces. If there’s something you’re particularly interested in and you cannot see it available currently for auction or buy it now sale, contact us on

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