Asian Antiquities

Recently, the market for Asian Antiquities has started to rapidly grow as pieces become ever more sort after. Here at Pax Romana, we specialise in three types of Ancient Asian Art: Chinese Art, Gandharan Pieces and Artefacts from Western Asia.

Chinese Antiquities

One of the most ancient civilisations in our world, the written records go back to 1250 BC with a large history proceeding this. Here at Pax Romana we often sell pieces from the Han, Tang, Northern Wei, Song, Yuan and Ming Dynasties. Some of our most popular pieces are Bronzes, Terracotta Figures and pottery.

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Coming from an interesting meeting of Ancient Greek artists and Ancient Indian tradition, Gandhara art is highly prized by many in the art market and around the world. Statues made of schist and stucco are most common, but these can vary greatly in size.

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Western Asiatic Antiquities

Art from Western Asian is diverse as the region from which it stems. Whether it be Seljuk pieces, Tel Brak idols, Luristan bronze or Indus Valley pots, there’s a wealth of items to discover. Discover a world you might be less familiar with.

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