Authenticity is one of the major issues in the art market as a whole. Despite being a relatively small section of the market in general, the antiquities and historical collectables market is plagued with fakes, many of which can be found for sale online and elsewhere without much difficulty.

All of our pieces come from reputable dealers, collectors and galleries, prior to display or sale all items are carefully inspected by our consultants and experts including Dr. Ivan Bonchev, (Archaeology Phd from Oxford University).

Pax Romana is official partner and representative of Ralf Kotalla Laboratory (Germany) for the United Kingdom. Ralf’s Laboratory has the best technical equipment strengthen by 34 years of experience in the Art business authentication – from Neolithic to 17th C porcelain. The Ralf Kotalla Laboratory establishes only top quality expert reports. These are outstanding by quickness of analysis, precision of statements and layout.

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We strongly believe that expert’s opinion backed with scientific data is the most secure way to determine the authenticity of each art object. The collaboration between our Auction House, our consultants and Ralf Kotalla Laboratory can assure our customers of the dedication we have to fight forgery and offer only the best art pieces.