Authenticity is one of the major issues in the art market as a whole. Despite being a relatively small section of the market in general, the antiquities and historical collectables market is plagued with fakes, many of which can be found for sale online and elsewhere without much difficulty.

So, how do we check for authenticity?

All of our pieces come from reputable dealers, collectors and galleries. We often purchase from the collections of academics, famous and well known galleries and those who are very well respected in the world of antiquities.

Prior to display or sale all items are carefully inspected by our consultants and experts including our director Dr. Ivan Bonchev, (Archaeology Phd from Oxford University). If one of our in house experts are not a specialist in the period that the piece is from our Director will use his vast contacts within the antiquities industry in order to find the right expert to authenticate it.

We’re currently expanding our expert team as part of our due diligence to our customers. Of course, we will let you know through our social media accounts and through updating the experts page when these new scholars join our team!

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Using Science to help us Understand the Art of the Past.

TL Tests – For Terracotta

Pax Romana is official partner and representative of Ralf Kotalla Laboratory (Germany) for the United Kingdom. Ralf’s Laboratory has the best technical equipment strengthen by 34 years of experience in the Art business authentication – from Neolithic to 17th C porcelain. Their reports are outstanding by quickness of analysis, precision of statements and layout.

The collaboration between our Auction House, our consultants and Ralf Kotalla Laboratory can assure our customers of the dedication we have to fight forgery and offer only the best art pieces. If you have any questions about this collaboration, please let us know.


XRF Tests – For Metal

For our metal items – such as jewellery, weaponry and Chinese bronzes we use X-Ray Fluorescence tests. These tests are undertaken by an independent laboratory in Belgium who we have a long ongoing relationship with.

The tests are non-destructive and test the composition of the metal. The test includes the full results of the metals composition and it is compared to verified pieces from that time period. Especially when buying high value pieces such as helmets and jewellery, we believe these tests give our customers the peace of mind they deserve. This is because they know the artefact has been verified by our team and these independent tests.

How can you ensure the authenticity of your piece?

Upon request, we are happy to provide an antique statement with any purchase, confirming our experts opinion on its ancient origin along with its description, size, and provenance. If you have any questions about our antique statements or would like to request one for your purchase, contact us here

We also understand that having a strong provenance, scientific tests or additional paper work can be an important factor in whether or not buying an a piece of ancient art. Therefore, we often have unique features of a piece listed as the end of its title. For example: CHINESE WESTERN ZHOU BROZE RITUAL VESSEL, YOU – XRF TESTED

If you’re interested in buy it now pieces outside of our auctions, and these additional tests and details are important to you, let us recommend our Best of the Best Page on our website. Here we show only the antiquities that have these pieces of additional information. Separated into category, it’s easy for you to navigate through only the best ancient objects.