Classical Antiquities

Being named after the Pax Romana, it’s perhaps not a surprise that we love Classical Antiquities and Classical history. With an eternal elegance and the classical civilisations of Rome, Greece and Egypt had a significant impact on Europe, North Africa and Western Asia – one that can still be seen today. Learn more about what you can discover below…

Egyptian Antiquities

Pieces from the old, middle and new kingdoms of Ancient Egypt are always so fascinating. We grow up learning about this history rich in innovation, gold and fertile land. From items as small as amulets to as large as Sarcophagus’ there’s something for every collector.

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Roman Antiquities

From the Roman Republic to the Empire…the Romans are known for their innovation and cultural impact. Whether that be their glass blowing, marble sculpture or more everyday oil lamps, there’s something for every Roman fan.

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Greek Antiquities

Ancient Greece can often be reduced down to Athens and Sparta in the popular imagination. However, it was a complex grouping of many independent states and communities that fought, traded and worked with one another. Some of the most famous pieces the Kraters and blackware designs, but there is a whole world of pieces to discover.

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