Dr Ivan Bonchev (DPhil, Mst, BA)

Director of Pax Romana

Ivan has a substantial academic and business background in the field of antiquities and numismatics.  He took his undergraduate degree in Archaeology and Art History at the University of Sheffield where he received first class honours. His education continued with a Masters and Doctorate in Classical Archaeology & Numismatics at Oxford University, both passed with the highest honours. During his studies he has collaborated with many other academics in various research projects, allowing him to create a vast network of contacts of specialists at his disposal. His experience includes work in the Ashmolean museum, 3 years presidency of the Oxford Numismatic Society and attendance to all major European archaeological conferences.

Seven years ago, Ivan founded Pax Romana Gallery, in Central London. He deals exclusively in genuine Ancient art and Numismatics, specialising in the attribution, authentication and appraisal. He has worked for numerous auction houses and large private collectors – curating and inspecting their acquisitions. Ivan is dedicated to provide all customers with the highest level of services and products.

Prof. Marco Moriggi

Western Asia Expert

Marco Moriggi (MA Torino 2000; PhD Firenze 2003) is Associate Professor of Semitic Philology at the Università di Catania (Dipartimento di Scienze Umanistiche) and Honorary Senior Research Fellow in the College of Humanities (University of Exeter, England, UK). His research interests include Aramaic epigraphy in Parthian Mesopotamia, Syriac (including Old Syriac), West Semitic Epigraphy and Semitic Linguistics.

He worked extensively in the domain of Aramaic studies, where he translated and commented, among others, texts in Syriac (including a monograph about Syriac incantation bowls), Hatran Aramaic (including a monograph about Hatran Aramaic graffiti), and Egyptian Aramaic. Furthermore, he published texts in Phoenician and Punic and Hebrew-Aramaic mixed texts on ancient amulets.

His substantial academic knowledge and experience are a valuable asset for Pax Romana Auctions. Marco’s extensive research in Western Asiatic art and Ancient epigraphy is fundamental for understanding and interpreting inscribed artefacts and their social, political and historical importance.

Ralf Kotalla Laboratory

Scientific Laboratory Partners

Pax Romana is the official partner and representative of Ralf Kotalla Laboratory (Germany) for the United Kingdom. Ralf’s Laboratory has the best technical equipment strengthen by 34 years of experience in the Art business authentication – from Neolithic to 17th C porcelain. The Ralf Kotalla Laboratory establishes only top quality expert reports. These are outstanding by speed of analysis, precision of statements and layout.

We strongly believe that expert’s opinion backed with scientific data is the most secure way to determine the authenticity of each art object. The collaboration between our Auction House and Ralf Kotalla Laboratory can assure our customers of the dedication we have to fight forgery and offer only the best art pieces.

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Clive Sawyer

Antiquities Trade Expert

Clive Sawyer is a real veteran in the Ancient art trade! He has been active in business for over 40 years in both numismatics and the antiquities.

In the 1990s Clive was on the ADA (Antiquities Dealers Association) committee and held the very first antiquities fair under the ADA banner to great acclaim. He specializes in Egyptian, Greek and Roman artifacts and coins with particular focus on terracotta objects.

Clive is a very respected professional known to both collectors and dealers alike. His substantial knowledge and experience in the field is a valuable asset for Pax Romana.

Russell Scott

Medieval Weaponry and General Antiquities Expert

Russell joins the team as a specialist in Viking and Medieval artefacts, having evaluated a variety of antiquities for private commissions over the past 18 years. 

Russell has also been an authenticity officer at the Viking Society for the past 26 years, and regularly lectures for museums, schools, and documentaries. Russell’s particular passion for weaponry comes from his heavy involvement in the Live Action Role-playing scene, where he has worked to maintain high standards of accuracy by writing numerous guides alongside personally evaluating objects. During his career, Russell has worked with many clients, including The British Museum, BBC’s Time Team and HBO. 

James Brenchley

Egyptology and Classical Antiquities Expert

James is a specialist in Egyptian and Classical antiquities. His career highlights include a position as Head of Ancient Art and Antiquities at Hansons Auctioneers, as well as handling and authenticating much of the beautiful collection of the late Julian Bird consisting of Egyptian shabti and antiquities collected over 40 years.

His passion lies in Egyptology where he adores researching and educating others in the field. Coming from a long line of collectors, James made his first purchase of two Egyptian faience amulets at the age of 15 from Helios Gallery Antiquities and Collector-Antiquities in 2006.

He is a well-respected collector and dealer and comes to Pax Romana with a further touch of experience in authenticating and researching antiquities. He has a worldwide presence on many social media platforms where he offers valuable insight into the ethics of trade and understanding forgeries from the real piece of ancient art.

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