How to Buy Antiquities

Here at Pax Romana Auctions we hold large monthly auctions, so there is always a catalogue to browse and new items to discover. We hold our auctions here on and in order to participate you need to create an account with us. The process is clearly explained and stress free. It’s all ready for you to enjoy the excitement of a real time auction where you can buy antiquities from all over the ancient world. See our step by step guide to joining in the auctions below ↓

Once registered you can register to bid per auction where you can bid as many times as you like on our whole range of items. We will then process the items and invoices, safely sending your items to you as soon as possible.

Here are some things however to bear in mind:

  • Due to UK regulations, you will be asked to provide some ID the first time you register to bid for an auction in order to be approved. Therefore we recommend you register with time to spare before the auction you want to bid in.
  • You may leave absentee bids before the auction if you won’t be able to attend. However, our auctions are always held on a weekend so it is most convenient for you.

When you Buy Antiquities with us we offer you all the following benefits:

Low Buyer’s Commission

We believe that most auction houses over-charge buyers with a very high premium and various other hidden charges. We offer our services for 15 to 20% buyer’s premium (VAT and Internet charges not Included). For the lowest commission please buy via our website (there are no internet charges so you save 8%!).

Free or low-rate fast worldwide shipping

We offer in-house packing & shipping and we have contracts with Royal Mail, Mail Boxes etc., Fedex, OlympexGlobal and many other couriers giving us the ability to send items quickly and at the best possible rates. We take the inconvenience away from our customers of organising their own shipping and handling and offer a quick and efficient service with 3 days dispatch period.

Certificate of Authenticity

Unlike most auction houses, we try to focus our efforts on establishing the provenance and authenticity of each item. We are happy to supply a COA with each purchased object stating that it was examined by us and our expert opinion. For more information please see our T&C’s or our Authenticity page.

Maintenance of your Collection

We are happy to advise our customers on all relevant questions they may have related to authentication, appraisal, conservation, storage etc. Please check our “Investment Option” to see the special services we offer for our clients

A Step by Step Guide to Bidding with Us

Having problems with your account or registering to bid? Let us know at!

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