Past Auctions

Ancient Jewellery and Weaponry

30th May 2021

Asian Interiors: Chinese Decorative Arts

7th March 2021

Ancient Jewellery, Weaponry and Classical Art

15th November 2020

Ancient Jewellery, Weaponry and Classical Art

4th October 2020

Ancient Jewellery, Weaponry and Classical Art

21st June 2020

The Art of Ancient Asia

2nd May 2021

Antiquities, Ancient Jewellery and Weaponry

10th January 2021

Masterpieces of Ancient Asia

8th November 2020

Art of Asia – From Antiquity to the Present Day

26th July 2020

Top Results

At Pax Romana we sell some absolutely incredible lots that can reach high prices. Here are just a couple of examples:

Roman Gold Menorah Pendant

Up for Auction 4th October 2020

Sold for £9,500

Greek Illyrian Bronze Helmet

Up for Auction 29th March 2020

Sold for £24,000

Chinese Terracotta Zodiac Figures

Up for auction on the 10th January 2021

Sold for £32,000 (exc. fees)

Winged Greek Bronze Helmet

Up for auction on the 29th March 2020

Sold for £22,000 (exc. fees)

Standing Schist Gandhara Buddha

Up for auction on the 26th July 2020

Sold for £30,000 (exc. fees)

Ancient Chinese Terracotta Camel

Up for auction on the 10th January 2021

Sold for £40,000 (exc. fees)

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about sold or unsold lots?

For the sales where there is a link to the catalogue, you can look through and any pieces marked as ‘withdrawn’ were unsold during the auction. Some of them may have been sold subsequently, or may be on our gallery website. If there is a piece you are particularly interested in, we recommend that you contact us on and we’ll be more than happy to help.

Are you looking for an auction and it isn’t here?

We have been holding auctions for a number of year here at Pax Romana, and this is only our archive back to June 2020. Additionally, we can only link to the catalogues from the 4th October onwards as this is when we first started to hold sales on our own website.

Are these the only sales you’ve had at Pax Romana since June 2020?

These sales represent our monthly auctions, which are what we hold here on our own website. However, we also have weekly sales for lower value pieces, sell individual pieces for buy it now on and do private sales for regular clients.

Where can I learn about upcoming sales or current auctions?

Current auctions are listed here on the auctions homepage. It is from this page where you can bid on and follow the live auctions. For upcoming sales, we sometimes have information here but we recommend signing up to our newsletter. This means that you can be most aware of what’s coming up soon.