Ancient Egyptian Faience Amulet of God Bes. Ca.1070–712 B.C

Third Intermediate Period, Ancient Egypt- A turquoise glazed faience amulet of God Bes. Depicted as a dwarf, featuring a lion’s mane, ears, and tail; with a grimace on his face and wearing a plumed headdress. The domain of God Bes was the household. He averted evil with music, knives, or the “sa” sign as he watched over the occupants of the house. He was particularly protective of women in labor, neonates, and the human body in general. Although he had no temples, it is clear that Bes enjoyed enormous popularity in Egypt and beyond. Standing on a rectangular base and a loophole on the side revealing it was used as a pendant. Good Condition, Wearable. Size: H:33.5mm / W:16mm; 5g

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