Ancient Egyptian Faience Amulet of Sekhmet Enthroned.

ca 600-400 B.C. Late Period, Ancient Egypt

This beautiful pendant depicting the goddess Sekhmet is a masterpiece of intricacy. She is represented with the head of a lioness and the body of a woman seated upon a throne, holding a wadj (papyrus) scepter in her hands. A suspension loop behind her head reveals that this work would have been worn on a necklace as a protective amulet.

She was a sun goddess, embodying the scorching, burning, destructive heat of the sun. Fierce goddess of war, the destroyer of the enemies of Ra and Osiris.  Like the sun, her temper was uncontrollable.

Very Good Condition, Wearable. Size: H:57.0mm / W:15.0mm; 18g

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