Ancient Egyptian Ushabti

ca. 664 – 343 B.C. Late Dynastic Period; XXVI Dynasty.

A nice pale- blue glazed faience ushabti with hieroglyphics. A typical lappet-wig adorning his head and his wrists and hands poke out of vertical slits to meet in the centre of the body, just below the chest. Hands grasp a flail (nekhakha) in the left hand and a short-handled crook (heka) sceptre in the right hand. The body is mummified and presented on a square block base.

Ushabtis were funerary figurines that were placed inside tombs to accompany the deceased in the after-life. Their function is specified in the Egyptian Book of the Dead, when Osiris, the God of the underworld would call the deceased to labour, the ushabti would come to life and perform the duty.

Good Condition; Intact; on a custom stand. Size: H:150mm / W:40.5mm (without stand); 153g

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