Ancient Egyptian Ushabti

ca. 664 – 343 B.C. Late Dynastic Period; XXVI Dynasty.

A beautiful blue-green faience Ushabti finely modeled, wearing a plain fitted wig and braided beard, holding a hoe, mattock and seed basket. The mummiform body is bearing eight horizontal columns of hieroglyphs.

These funerary figurines were placed out in tombs and were intended to act as servants that carried out the tasks required of the deceased in the underworld. The ushabtis were not important because of their artistry but because of the inscriptions they bear. The writing was, in fact, thought to change wishes and thoughts into actions; therefore, it was necessary for the owner’s name to be inscribed on the ushabti, along with a phrase to make the ushabti “work”. Beautiful and mysterious artifact from the great Egyptian civilisation.

Very Good Condition; Intact; on a custom stand. Size: H:165mm / W:47mm (without stand); 211g

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