Ancient Greek Apulian Guttus with Zeus. ca. 330-320 B.C. Magna Graecia, Southern Italy, Apulia.

A beautiful Apulian Guttus vessel covered entirely in a black slip; with a ribbed body, looped handle, and a central conical spout; depicting a high-relief of God Zeus in the central section; portrayed bearded with wavy hair.

Guttis were usually used by the Greeks to pour liquids like water or perfumes; they were often used to pour oil into the oil lamps.

The greeks were masters of terracotta, all vessels they produced were of high quality and elaborately decorated. Often, like in this case, depicting a god or a mythological figure. There will be no darkness in your home if you let Zeus the thunderer to light your path.

Very Good Condition, intact. Size: H:85mm / W:134mm; 177.7g

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