Ancient Greek Terracotta Apulian Lekanis

Ca.340-325 BC. Magna Graecia, South Italic Colonies, Apulia.

A fantastic wheel-thrown lekanis, with an elegant red-figure “lady of fashion” depiction on the lid; the lower body with a broad foot, ribbon-like handles projecting from its sides. The accompanying lid has a sloping body, a squat lower rim, and a circular handle with a radiating floral motif. The lid exhibits a pair of red-figure ‘lady of fashion’ heads, each with an elegant visage and intricate hairstyles; the heads are separated by a large pair of stylized palmettes.

The Lekanides were used by women for storing jewelry and trinkets; they were also often given as wedding gifts.

Good Condition, Size: H:104mm / W:149mm; 200g

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