Ancient Roman Pugio

ca. 100 B.C. – 100 A.D.

A rare Roman iron pugio dagger, comprising a hilt with a double-lobed, crescent pommel; four-sided handle and thick crossbar. Typical double-edged blade curving inwards, then bulging slightly before terminating in a sharp point.

The Pugio appeared as an important side weapon of the Roman legionary soldier during the 2nd century BC; however, its full incorporation in the Roman Army started under Julius Caesar and especially under Augustus, when it became the reserve weapon of the heavy infantryman. Usually worn on the left side of the body by the Milites Legionarii and on the right side from not commissioned officers and Centurions; it was used as a lethal weapon in the body to body combat. A Fierce and lethal weapon once owned with pride by a brave Roman soldier.

Very Good Condition, intact. Size: H:367mm / W:65mm ; 300g

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