Egyptian Faience Wedjat-Eye Amulet. Ca. 1070-712 BC. Third Intermediate Period.

A museum-worthy example of Egyptian Eye of Horus amulet, pierced from side to side in the centre; an extending hatched cosmetic line and a conforming brow. The centre of the eye is highlighted with bright yellow glazing. The “teardrop” sign and uncurling spiral are also present below the eye.

There are various explanations for the presence of these two details. They could be either represent the markings around the eye of the peregrine falcon, a sacred animal to the god; but it is also thought to be proof of the fight over the throne between Horus and Set.

In the myth, after Osiris’ death, Set ripped Horus’s eye out during one of their battles. This was then healed by god Toth leaving the characteristic scar below.

Superb Condition. Size: H:62.0mm / W:77.0mm;75.g

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