Gandharan Schist Panel depicting Elephant Nalagiri

ca.200 A.D. Ancient Region of Gandhara (Present day Pakistan and Afghanistan)

A fantastic Gandhara panel, classically carved in schist, originally part of a stupa. Three disciples are standing behind an elephant, their faces looking towards the sky as a sign of prayer.

The panel is probably representing a scene taken from the life of Śākyamuni Buddha. According to Buddist tradition, Devatta, a jealous cousin of the Buddha, plotted against him to take the power of the Buddhist community.

Devadatta’s third attempt to kill the Blessed One was to make the fierce man-killer elephant, Nalagiri, drunk with liquor. As Nalagiri approached the Buddha, his vast love and kindness stopped it and the elephant became quiet, standing before the Master.

Good Condition, intact. Size: H:280mm / W:240mm (without a stand); 6500g

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