Greek Hellenistic Gold Tiara


A unique example of the technical virtuosity developed by Greek artists during the Hellenistic times. A characteristic half-circle-shaped tiara formed by a single sheet of gold, elaborately adorned with carnelian stones. A large ten-leafed spinning rosette applied in the centre, with the same precious stones applied. The “rosette” symbol was connected with the divine by many cultures; a spiritual rebirth, with the many leaves representing the renewal of the circle of life. Since the rose was a sacred symbol to the Goddess Aphrodite, it has been also associated with procreation and love. Despite the typical burial customs to place this type of headdresses and other jewelry on the body of the deceased, most of them were worn during life. During the Hellenistic period, in fact, the market for fashionable gold jewelry exploded. Superb Condition, on a custom-made stand. Size: H:79.5mm / W:118mm (without a stand); 52g

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